image: Apple tree by Pieter Mondriaan. The image was chosen as a tribute to the artist, because we use an apple tree in our lyric, and as Mondriaan was born in Amersfoort.

lyrics and vocals: Kellie Rowley
Music: Pleudoniem


The waters
of the underground stream
could be heard
down in the subway
where he was waiting
for his turn
to ride the train
of ordinary

But as clarity came with that sound
He was forced to trace it down
into the dark
where he beat his head
against a trick of fate
He was aching for
that wide open space.

But then the earth trembled

  • and he tripped,
    caught himself on his hands
    just before
    the precipice

Leaning over he could see
That everything was not
as it appeared to be

illuminescence -

  • essence
    illuminescence -
  • essence

He went down
off the edge of risk
to the stream of truth
where a boat was moored
Near an apple tree.
Oh, he climbed aboard
and said 'Let the winds carry me'
till the dawn

I'd avoid going out on that limb
for just the superficial,
but knock yourself out
you'll learn something in the fall
something in the fall...
There's so much here to discover
when you're looking for truth

    Funk, Progressive Rock, jazz, soul
    • Type: Original
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