Picture: Oszkar Glatz - Carrying Wood. The lyric is like a burden, and it is most likely that the characters in the painting will have to cleanse the muck off their feet when they return home.

Kellie's philosophical ponderings led her to compose a song on the guitar, and I had the honour to help her finish it musically. I couldn't possibly decline such a nice request :) By the way, has somebody already mentioned that we've been very productive lately?

lyrics, vocals & guitar: Kellie Rowley
bass guitar, keys, additions: Pleudoniem


There is much i can think of
That leads me in delusion
About the truth
To think of the truth
Is a very hard thing to do
The truth is not just the failures,
It is the journey
(Tell yourself)
Whatever gets you by

Wasting away seems to be
Our allotment
To come to fruition
Has its downside
To feel like you never did
Is such a crying shame
Someone should have told me,
Told me it would be this way

Oh the muck
That sticks to the bottom of my foot
Oh the muck
That sticks to the borrom of my shoe
Oh the muck
That sticks to the bottom of soul.
Oh the muck

    Funk, 70s
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