Vocals and lyrics: Kellie Rowley
Music: Pleudoniem

Another project with Kellie Rowley. The chaser and the chased. The haunting and the haunted. She is marvellous, isn't she? :)

I got my traveling clothes
Fall asleep just to say hello
Going down where the other world waits
Dreaming lucid to heal my fate
Sometimes I fly above a landscape bare
Sometimes I die for love just to be aware
I met you inside the door
Curled up on a diamond floor
Turned on your charm, whispered in my ear
Let’s go away from here
I took your hand just to prove
It’d be different this time
I took your hand, began to groove to the loss of my mind

Living Vicariously

I’m dreaming, I need to wake up
I’m living in a special hell
That’s when things got strange
I was a target at a firing range
You took a shot with your gun
Sparks flew and I had to run
Moving in slo mo. Like it was jello
A deer in the headlights just after midnight
Where was my body
Your touch almost on me
Lucid I turned to
Become just like you

There you go reaching for the reigns
You forgot this minds terrain
Just a figment of my mind
And you’ve run out of time
I love you but not your fear
I love you but not not in my mirror

    Funk, funkrock, funk wave
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