A song about what is or what isn't, I guess. Possibly I think It is about something different.

All the instruments played by Pleudoniem.
Lyrics by Pleudoniem @2017

Guess, you'll know

I'm not sure of the moonshine
If there's wisdom in it
And in that which I write
As that will be be established
By omniscient blinds
Who can see through the mazes
Viewing digital bandstands
With a mouse in their hand

I'm sure I can find you to know it, though
I'd guess I'm to know who's to know it
I'd hope it is known by who knows it
But I guess you'll know better
But I guess you'll know better

I'm not sure of the paradigms
Of the words that I write
For the ones that I write,
May be eye-blinking eyewash
To indifferent druids
And their all-potent potions
Finding powerful daises
With a mouse in their hand

Suppose this is a match for a gaslight
Something to fling into the fire
To flare up the desire
For alternative reasons
Suppose this is a rod made to stick with
A lying lure, a beat around tour
A waving and drowning duck
A cardboard carved guinea-pig

    jazz rock
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