This is a lost and found song. Dan wrote this song many months ago. He shared it with Kellie. She completed it and then they were not quite sure what happened next. One thing led to another and it got lost amid their hectic daily lives.

It sat around for many months. The one day Kellie looked at her computer and saw it again. She sent it to Dan and asked him if he remembered it. He listened and remembered having heard it before. Beyond that, neither of them has any recollection of what had happened to the song.

They then completed it and posted it for your listening pleasure. It apparently had been among the lost and found, like a diary found in an old cardboard box in the attic.

Little did they know that their musical friend Pleudoniem listened to it as well, and that it inspired him to work further on it. He asked Rowley and Lockhart if he could add some of the ideas that had bloomed up, and they agreed.

So, here it is:

Idea and song composition, E-Guitar, E-Piano: Daniel Lockhart
Vocals, melody and lyrics: Kellie Rowley
Drum programming, bass guitar, funky guitar, pads: Pleudoniem



Got cha run run running in circles Baby
Chasing the next thing
They got cha head filled up and all twisted
With the noise of all the false hope that they bring
They’d like to make you think they have the best in mind
For all the girls and the boys.
But you don’t have to play that game, you know it’s a runaround
You don’t have to play that game anymore

The world seems like it’s gone crazy and you just opened your eyes
To find the true things that matter have been disguised
For some it could be a nightmare but you get to choose
To hold on to the real life, the loving, the things that we can’t lose.


It’s hard enough to see the state of our reality
But its better than just surviving with this spirits malady
You want your freedom, well theres the door
Hey, you want your freedom, but tell me are you ready to live for more

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