Recorded at Pleudoniem Studios, Amersfoort

Elephant Road

Seven to eleven
in a pretty state
winter wind is blowing
but we'll navigate

pointing out the polar
stick a shadow here
it's a kind of knowing
that we could do without

Pacing down
the elephant road
catching songs,
for elephant moods

If your name was Martin
you could raise the price
Sipping from your shizzle
Sailing up to Paradise

Clouding up my window, it's
Hard to sleep at night
Their buzzing wakes me up
-... so does the city light

Mosquitos keep on bugging
our welfare state
impossible to crush
Let alone exterminate

Wave at the clouds
And make them rain for you
Look at the birds
Their wings should be yours
Even from your sofa
Where you sit to blind the sun
The trampling of the bulls
Fades away the news

    Funk, funkrock, 80s
    • Type: Original
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