A more complicated tryout on the drums. Thought it should be danceable. Hope you like it.

Dull the Roar in Music

I tried to stop the throbbing
Barefoot on the lawn walk
But when I asked it nicely
The gravel wouldn't budge
To a featherbed

If I had golden callous
To grow from heel to toe
I'd cover up the sores
Like a striped pyjama

Or I guess that wood would do
Or possibly some oak leaves,
Coniferous or otherwise
I'd strap them up

The best that I should do now
Is grow callous of my own
And dull the roar in music
And dull the roar in music
Play some music
Sweet sweet music

The first descending raindrops,
In a whisper through the treetops
Will they pacify the rage?
But they only rustle back
They are unfit to care
And I wonder why should I
Getting soaked from head to toe
Drops drip from my temple
Like a stain glass window

Still their sound is great
If you care to hear them breathing
Rhythmical or otherwise
I'll line them up

    Funk, rap
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