Picture: cut from William Hogarth's Rake Progress, when the rake has ended up in Bedlam.

This is a song with a sad background. It is about somebody I know, who has been developing a personality disorder - a hereditary mishap, it appears. It's been a while since I last saw him, as I have taken a safe distance. I bear no grudge against him, I only feel regret and pity.

Kellie helped me out on this one as well, as she plays a wonderful nurse, much better than I could ever dream of. She'd make me swallow them myself...

Music, lyric and composition: Pleudoniem
Additional vocals and nursing: Kellie Rowley

Demon, Take the Blue One

Sometimes you return
On days I quite predict now, when
the demon's eating into you
Pegs inside your mind
It's squeezing out the blood
And tells you to redress
Satisfying ghosts

She had you in the flesh
Like mother like son
But wished you were the father,
The hermit in his chair
The thinker cast in sand
Lost inside his books

If I could look you in the eye
And ask how you were doing
Then tell me how to spot
The you you're in
The hand shake or the fist
The kind or the pissed
The bird or the burdened
Reverend or revenge

Cruel orgasmic need
When you text another line
The troll portrays a grin
The toll resumes its spin
Confound the state you're in
Just listen to her voice
Confiding you the likes
Of who to blame

She turned onto herself
And you are still alive
To take it out on us
I guess that makes a difference
Like mother like son
The madman in the attic

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