Ever read the time machine by Wells? I sometimes get the feeling that some of it is already recurring.

All instruments and vocals played by Pleudoniem, 2016

Cervantes on BellyNet

I'll squash up my tomatoes
With a stick of dynamite
If BellyNet tells me so
The thing will work

I've read of fingers lost
Messing with the fuse
But that's misinformation
Some believe just anything

Cos Bellynet is right
It's a culinary gem
It's healthy for the mind
And healthy for my hands

I hope you will not blame me
For thinking of Cervantes
He must have made up Bellynet
And he's laughing out loud

A friend who is a cook,
just warned me to be careful
But I think that he is a liar
Part of the conspiracy

Because he wants to sell his own
And if I had it my way,
He'd be food for prosecution
Or even execution

He's possibly misled by
Reading the wrong cook books
The ones that tell him fairies
About squeezers and tools

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