pic taken by S Michael Bisceglie. I don't know the photographer, but I am very grateful that he left this wonderful piece on the Internet.

Lyrics and vocals: Kellie Rowley
All the instruments & composition: Pleudoniem

Bluebird was a spontaneous Rowley rave to a piece of music written by Pleudoniem. Europeans may not know the bird, as it does not live there, but especially in the Southern states of the USA, it is a symbol of luck and happiness. The latter two words is what the lyric hooks into. Now just dance and ponder, and be happy.

Blue Bird

Blue Bird, Blue Bird
Follow the eternal path
Follow the internal path

Up over the horizon
Fickle emotions won’t stick
Here high above the terrain
Of the mundane
Sustain chord
Set in resin
Plasma of God

Blue Bird, blue bird

Crystalline armor
Covers and emits colors
A future hope carries weight
Like a feather free

Responsibility for your own intent
Recognize the truth behind your illness
Change your hair
Change your mind
Guard your heart
Guard your time
Give love without remorse
not for the sake of guilt by confliction
Not but for the sake of inner harmony
For the sake of inner harmony
Minds spew vitriol
But there is no fragrance there
For the ones awake
And mostly awake
Hamper down the frequencies that dissipate
Disperse into matter
Mal intent is not accepted

Blue Bird, Blue Bird
Follow the internal path

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