Yes, they are like gods, because they symbolise everything a man could want. We should write scriptures about them, and consider the laws eternal and good for all of us. What a revelation! :)

Anecdote of the Haricot

A secret celebration
After skin-deep conversation
About onions and eggs
Revealed a sacred debt

When I saw her hand
Dissect the peel
I figured that
The thing was real
Lush, anointed green
Ready to unseal

The beauty and the beans
Whose curves were shaped so gently
Her knife pinked through the green
So sweet and soft and mean

Haricots protest that
A peel covers a core
A natural protection
I'd like to tease apart
When there is a new life
Ready for a start

Within my tiny cellar
I built a little chapel
With drawings of the gem
Penciled on A4

I fold my hands in prayer
The vibrancy is clear
Too hard to miss the beats
Of the entertaining answer

To God, for wants and needs
To questions, hopes and needs
To Scientific blurs and bleeds
Restraints, remorses, treats

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