Possibly the Internet will tell me if it's right, or my gardening tools, or my cup of strawberry tea.

Music and lyrics by pleudoniem. All the instruments played by Pleudoniem, as well as the mixing. Any critical comments that I may use that will improve the work are welcome.


It's only strawberry tea
But I'm not sure if that's true
Anything will do
If it's written on the package

As I read the morning news
Toast, that's left unfinished
I'll feed it to the birds
I'm just hoping they exist

It's a morning calm as usual
With clouds up in the sky
O, I've paid so I can view them
They mean well for me.

When everywhere around me
The Orks may come alive
The Morlocks or the sandworms
They've show me on the screen
With voices reaching out to me
When I cry wolf to the pack
Cry wolf to the pack

I once believed in rainbows
Though I had never touched one
But someone just exposed them
For what parents say

To make a kid obey
That simple clever trickery
I fell for it like severed weed
But I'll feed you now

A bidding stark as usual
With hands up in the sky
I can always view them
They mean well for me.

    Rock, wave-rock, Prog Rock
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