Nobody, even experts from the best prediction sites can’t give you perfectly working and 100% effective tips on how to bet on football and how to predict the result of a particular match. However, there is one thing able to make getting the successful prediction much easier. Of course, we mean the pre-match analysis and complete data correction.

Good news here is that the football match is much simpler to analyze it beforehand than, for example, a tennis or any other individual sports match. Still, this fact does not mean you shouldn’t go deep into the topic. It does not matter which sports you plan to bet on, the pre-match analysis should be the obligatory part of your prediction.

Now, it is time to find out what to pay attention to before betting on football. So, how to analyze matches correctly in order to place a bet? Here are critical points to consider them.

The Current Shape of Both Teams Just like in any other sport, it is critical to pay attention to the current state of either team, because this is the key point influencing your bet. The best and easiest way to estimate the shape of a particular team is to watch some of the last matches with their participation.

In case you don’t have that opportunity, try checking numbers instead. Pay attention to the most recent home matches by the team if the upcoming match is the home game for them (away matches are your priority in the opposite case, obviously). Then, check the same stats of their rivals. See the results of three, four, five latest games by each team, read official interviews by coaches and leading players.

Head-to-Head Statistics Of course, the definition of the “uncomfortable rival” applies for football, too. This means, the head-to-head results of the match participants is the point of consideration for every bettor. The h2h stat is the parameter able to turn the tides of bettors in predicting winners on its own. It is a great decision to pay special attention to h2h results regarding home/away matches of both teams.

Table Position and Motivation In sports, motivation has always been the main “engine” of results, and this applies for football as well. It is especially critical and relevant for the championships from the Eastern Europe. There, teams who already solved their season or tournament tasks have a “tradition” of giving points away to their rivals having certain problems.

Injured and Disqualified Players The main difference of the pre-match analysis in football from that of individual sports is the need to consider team rosters. To say more precisely, the best prediction sites and all experts recommend checking losses this or that team suffered before every match. Injuries, disqualifications, illnesses of players – these and other likely factors should be included into your prediction for sure.

The Match Referee Despite this factor seems to be secondary, it would be not too clever to neglect analyzing the referee’s style. It’s important to compare the playstyles of both teams (rude or clean) with the referee’s style (strict or loyal).
It frequently turns out that some teams have difficult times when particular referees judge the match. It’s not a secret that there are teams playing open football and those preferring to go in for defense.
At the same time, there are referees setting fouls for a lesser touch to the opponent, and those considering some aggression in the field as normal. So, you should obligatory find out a lot about the particular referee’s style before placing your bet.
These were basic points to take into account when predicting football matches. Make only right bets and win a lot!

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