Blue Passion: "A man and a woman staring out in the moonlit blue darkness, on the deck overlooking the ocean, the party behind them. They haven't spoken , hardly glanced at each other but they know the night belongs to them."

Alas, the somewhat naively, youthful vision I had, making this track many years ago; giving Yann the opportunity to go make some great lyrics, Rudi to bring his jazzy side, Daniele to do his funk and introducing a new collaborative super combo; Manuel Muzzu on bass and Manuel Muzzu on drums - you really bring it.

Enjoy a naive romantic dream together with us ;-)!

Music: Peter Bennborn
Lyrics: Yann Vienne

Vocals: Rudi Lockefeir (@ruud-lockefeir)
Guitars: Daniele Turani (@danieleturani)
Bass: Manuel Muzzu (@manuel-muzzu)
Drums: Manuel Muzzu (@manuel-muzzu)
Keys/Synths: Peter Bennborn

Mixed & Mastered: Peter Bennborn


I know I don't know you
Can't see, your eyes are lost in blue
Black waves are rolling out
Flashes of us touching about
Light music far away
But I don't feel like keeping track
here and gone in a way
My blues is goin' forth and back...
Two out of time...
Two out of the blue
I look up at the stars,
As if all about to explode
Running along the scars
Black and blue we laid down in code
Yet I believe I might
Find something true here for a change
Something so outta sight
Blue angel coming down, so strange
Two out of time
Two out of the blue
Wait... oh, colour me now blind, give me a clue
Wait... I'm out of my mind, looking anew
Wait... I will reach for the sign, go with the view,
Wait... let's get outta line, you and me too...
I can hear a chime
We might be on time
Ready for no future
No final answer

The moon is blue but I don't feel like we've already met,
Yet I'm more than inclined, more than inclined to take a bet
Vision of darkened room, image of your hands on my skin,
Now I know very soon, we'll lock ourselves in silent din,
Two out of time
Two out of the blue
Wait... we will colour the night, give me my cue
Wait... I sense it will be right for me and you,
Wait... we're suspended in time, forever do,
Please, wait... let us come out and shine: kill the grey too...
Who did see us leave, now? Who, when we flew?
Who would have believed how? Lost into the blue...

    • 139 bpm
    • Key: Em
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