Obsidian...Netlabel Day 2023 Part 3......with tracks....

Wine Pride - Discovery [Crafting Room Recordings]
Sean Devine - Orbital Flow [Sick Monkey Records]
Secret Archives of the Vatican - Obsidian Heart [Broken Drum Records]
Yulio - The Art of Roughness [Pueblo Nuevo]
Thlaaflaa - Gati [Nenormalizm Records]
DasF - Thirty Six Hours [Section 27]
Delta 78 - Odyssey (radio edit) [Toucan Music]
Lately Kind of Yeah - Lock Knell on Yes [Vulpiano Records]
The Polish Ambassador - Friends with Bananafits [Jumpsuit Records]
Many Feathers - Wakeup [Blocsonic]
Primix 4 Kids - Do It Again (Electro No Stop) [Upitup Records]
Lingua Cosmica - Temper [Eyes Wide Open Records]
Teknoaidi & Iconobreaker - Luonnon Nostatus (feat. Samu Kuusisto) (Teknojta Remix) [Kovaydin.Net]

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