Mayhem...with tracks by ...Candids, UnSuB, Spectateur, Silent Forum, A Forest Of Fools, HAùANA, Soulacybin, David Starfire, Opusvertigo, MMNI, Jean-Paul Dub,Skey.

Ecstatic, by Candids. Nantes, France.[Jamendo]
Give To Me, by UnSuB. UK. [Soundcloud]
Their Dreams, by Spectateur. Angers, France. [[Bandcamp]
Trust, by Silent Forum. Cardiff, Wales. [Bandcamp]
Badger Squad, by Forest Of Fools. England.
Osi (ft. HAùANA) (Soulacybin remix), by David Starfire. Los Angeles, USA. [Bandcamp]
Twitch to rising - Partie tu es partie, by Opusvertigo. France.[Jamendo]
Night Walk by MMNI. Santiago, Chile. [MAO]
Good news from the stars - live in Kiev 01.01.2017, by Jean-Paul Dub. France. [Vaticaen]
Eurodance, by Skey. [Kahvi]

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