Jump...with tracks by ... Rusty Tea Makers, Candids, Tabu Ley Rochereau & Afrisa, Silent Forum, No Finger Nails, Ralax, Forget the Whale, Dosti Music Project, Florens, Renoizer.

Jump Da Fuck Up , by Rusty Tea Makers.Russia. [Jamendo]
Summer, by Candids. Nantes, Franc.[Jamendo]
Celicia, by Tabu Ley Rochereau & Afrisa. Zaire. [Story Amp]
Limbo, by Silent Forum. Cardiff, Wales. [Bandcamp]
Quipu, by No Finger Nails. Lecce, Italy. [Dubophonic]
Stay In Your Own Filth, by Ralax. Argentina. [Abstrakt Reflections]
Hex, by Forget the Whale. Jersey City, USA. [Jamendo]
Janiya, by Dosti Music Project. Pakistan, India, and the U.S.A. [Story Amp]
Magic Tree, by Florens. Benevento, Italy. [Jamendo]
Survivor, by Renoizer. Argentina. [Abstrakt Reflections]

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    5:20   Candids - Summer
    32:00   Forget the Whale - Hex

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