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    PCP#520... Murder...

    PCP#520... Murder... by Pete Cogle's Podcast Factory
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Murder....with tracks by ...The Vivisectors, Friendships, Soulacybin, The Degs, Cassie and Maggie MacDonald, Dengue Fever, Fufanu, Alexandros, Blushing, Lila Blue.

  • Cowboy Surfer, by The Vivisectors. New York, USA.[FMA]
  • When I Feel Like Killing, I Murder, by Friendships. Melbourne, Australia. [StoryAmp]
  • Four-Five, by Soulacybin. Boulder, USA. [Gravitas Recordings]
  • Here They Come, by The Degs. Zagreb, Croatia. [FMA]
  • Seileach (Shal-loch), by Cassie and Maggie MacDonald. Ireland. [StoryAmp]
  • No Sudden Moves, by Dengue Fever. California, USA. [FMA]
  • Sports, by Fufanu. Iceland. [StoryAmp]
  • Aoyama, by Alexandros. Japan. [StoryAmp]
  • Tether, by Blushing. Austin, Texas. [StoryAmp]
  • Kill All The Witnesse, by Lila Blue. San Francisco, USA. [StoryAmp]

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    0:00   The Vivisectors - Cowboy Surfer
    4:40   Friendships - When I Feel Like Killing, I Murder
    9:20   Soulacybin - Four/Five
    19:20   Cassie and Maggie - Seileach
    27:40   Rr - Sports
    34:00   [Alexandros] - Aoyama

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