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    PCP#513... Bubble

    PCP#513... Bubble by Pete Cogle's Podcast Factory
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Bubble....with tracks by ... Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble, Dualist Inquiry, Ladproject, Kora, Portchistot, Eljuri, Upgrade and Bubble, Zomba Prison Project, 2099, LukHash, Tiburk.

  • Djigbo, by Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble. Helsinki, Finland / Benin, West-Africa. [StoryAmp]
  • Sleepwalker, by Dualist Inquiry. New Delhi, India. [Bandcamp]
  • Luce, by Ladproject. Lund, Sweden. [YoNo]
  • Buzz (feat. Kora), by Portchistot. [MNMN]
  • BangBang, by Eljuri. New York, USA. [StoryAmp]
  • Acai (Original Mix), by Upgrade and Bubble. Baden W├╝rttemberg/Israel. [Starfrosch]
  • I Am Done With Evil, by Zomba Prison Project. Malawi. [Bandcamp]
  • Apathy, by 2099. Russia. [MNMN]
  • Hongdae, by LukHash . Poland. [Jamendo]
  • Airwaves by Tiburk. St Etienne, France. [Soundcloud]

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    0:00   Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble - Djigbo
    30:40   Zomba Prison Project - I Am Done With Evil
    33:40   Viper - Warped
    37:20   LukHash - Hongdae

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