Another chance to hear PCP#100. Recorded back in February 2007, myself and Mr Peter Clitheroe discuss a year of podcasting, drink a lot of beer and talk a load of old bollocks…..

Soldier, by The Bonnitts. [PCP55]
Strait Is The Gate, by Hylozoists. [PCP66]
Breakfast, by Inga and Szerzen. [PCP85]
You Me Dancing, by Los Campesinos [PCP93]
Bodmin Dubbing, by Bagas Degol. [PCP65]
What Time It Is, by Fruitcake-Superbeing. [PCP72]
Wandering, by The Plastic Soul Band. [PCP84]
Bassline To Zion, by Sure Dread. [PCP68]
Alabama Train, by The Bonnevilles. [PCP94]
Barrel Riders, by The Theater Fire. [PCP77]

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