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This mix goes out to Leland for his passion and love for hardcore. These are some of the tracks I will be playing when we dance our ass off for the dude on October 8, 2016 at The Lounge in Beta Nightclub. Special thanks to Leland for bringing me in and being the first dj to play hardcore in this venue :) Miss ya duck. This one is for you bro.

    10:00   MAZR - Bring Back The Summer (MAZR Remix)
    11:00   Rain Man - Bring Back the Summer (feat. OLY) - LA Riots Remix
    17:20   Da Tweekaz & Darren Styles - Heroes (Radio Version)
    39:00   Nobody - Going Under
    52:40   Olly P - Pacific Ocean
    1:00:40   S3RL Feat. JessKah - Sek-C Raver
    1:04:40   Hoodzie - Fireflies

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