On At Waters Edge on July 22nd Rebekkah Hillgraves presented a five hour
epic show called "Into The Storm". Glenn Sogge (who
appears on Into The Rift Volume Two) mentioned the release to Rebekkah.
She listened to it, and decided to dedicate a whole hour of the show to
showcase ITRV2. Rebekkah chose the following tracks, which are
extracted from the show (with her permission) for your listening

  • King Of Kings – Delicasession
  • Opposing Storms Are The Bravest In Their Awakening – Wings of an Angel
  • Ostwind – Earlyguard
  • Realm Of The Storm Giants – Tim Kays
  • Beautiful Storm (thing 503) – Daniel Robert Lahey
  • Worldwide Storms I – Glenn Sogge

(Note: the beginning of Beautiful Storm is a little degraded due to some
malfunctioning equipment, but it clears up quickly.)

When Rebekkah asked me for permission to use the tracks, I mentioned to
her that I had a track from Michael Brückner which I hadn't been able to
include on ITRV2. (Michael hadn't completed the track in time for
submission. While I would have normally bent the rules for an artist of
his calibre, I was already into the distribution of the release when he
sent it to me.) The track "The Great Storm Of ’94 (Short Version)" was
included at the beginning of the fifth hour of the show. (Which is not included here.)

Check out the complete episode on the At Waters Edge website:

And, check out the complete 2.5 hours of Into The Rift Volume Two here:

    Full Link
    Short Link (Twitter)