Profile description of Nyls:

Nyls is a French electropop artist of Italian origins. He has released 3 studio albums so far: "Kairos" (2011), "Nightlife" (2013), "Pulse" (2015), and many singles and EPs released on the Parisian label Icon Records France. To date, he has sold more than 300,000 records worldwide.

His musical career starts in 2007, when he collaborates with the Italian pop duet Paola & Chiara, for which he writes “Seconde Chance” in French, from their album “Win The Game”. The single will have a lot of success in Italy (4th in the charts)

In 2008, after a casting destined to produce a new male artist, in which he is not chosen, he gets to know Alexander Von Perl, member of the jury, who, after listening to his demos, will introduce him to Frederic Messel, president of Icon Records France.

This meeting ends up on the creation of his debut album “Kairos”, published in October 2012. Seven singles will be extracted (“Avance”, “Ce que tu n'es pas”, “A califourchon”, “Comme une trace”, “Sans toi”, “Promets-moi” and “Le temps qu'il faut”), which 4 of them will reach the French iTunes top 10 (“Avance” (4th), “Ce que tu n'es pas” (7th), “A califourchon” (6th), “Comme une trace” (8th)), especially thanks to many remixes that will allow Nyls to conquer night clubs. His image, very elaborated thanks to Mauro Balletti’s photographs (Mina...), and the design assigned to Marco Contini (Irene Grandi, Marco Carta..), will soon give him the LGBT’s community support, especially when the single “A Califourchon”, which cover is a wink to this community, will be censored by iTunes, considered as too explicit.

Meanwhile, the album also gets a Japanese release, more intimate; however, this will create a real Japanese community around the singer, particularly through media support, such as Top Music Japan, one of the most famous pop music platforms in the country.

In june 2013, while the exploitation of the “Kairos” album is ending, a new single in English is proposed to the public. This is the piano-vocal ballad “Like yesterday”. Announced as the first extract from an acoustic album (called “Stereoplugged”), the single will go unnoticed, because of a bad promotion, and won’t even reach the top 200 on iTunes. As a result, the album release is canceled by the label.

Right after, Nyls published a new song, still in English, that announces an artistic turn for the singer. “It’s Gonna Be Alright” has some success, and, for the first time, crosses the frontiers, that were until now impervious to his music. Several European critics, people from across the Channel and Americans incense the title, qualifying it as an artistic renewal for Nyls.

The “Nightlife” album came later in September, from which was extracted this single. The photos are signed Sergej Falk.

“Crazy” is chosen as 2nd single. The song, perfectly shaped for the dance floors, ranks 8th in the Top Single iTunes France, before severely falling, despite the publication of a Remixed EP, which production was assigned to the Djs Skin Bruno (Madonna, Paola & Chiara...) and Soul Machine (Daft Punk, Justice...).

The album promotion continues with the song “Ecstasy”, an dark electro-rock track. To Nyls’s and his label’s surprise, this song will initiate a controversy because of its ambiguous lyrics, which will result on a lawsuit from the European Comity of Anti-Drug fight, that judges the song as “an incitement to drug use among younger people” and calls for a radio boycott. The singer will say that this controversy is “disappointing and pathetically absurd” in many media, before being exonerated by the competent authorities. The remixes of the song will be assigned to the producers Bebo Le Vrai (Betty Who...), Skarface (Tiesto...) and New Puzzle (Madonna...).

In December 2013, Nyls is asked to create and record the main title track for the “Dragon Nest” soundtrack, “Keep The Dragon Alive”, for its movie adaptation. Its music video, published on youtube for promotion purposes, will be seen more than 50,000 times in less than 24 hours.

A fourth and last single of “Nightlife” is proposed on the European market: “Get over you”, and includes remixes by New Puzzle. To celebrate the release of this last single, a special collector edition is proposed to the public: a 45 rpm “Picture Disc” in limited edition (only 20 copies distributed throughout France). To this date, this is one of the most collectible item by the fans.

The album becomes quite successful in Japan, where a new version including bonus remixes is proposed. The 1st single chosen is “Colder”, presented in a brand new version for the occasion.

Other singles on the Japanese market will follow, such as “Till The Sun Comes Down”, “Nightlife (Streetlights Remix)”, and “Sunglasses”.

Meanwhile, a new European version of the album is published, and proposes the brand new song “Talk Shit About Me”, released as a single on July 10th, 2014. Produced by New Puzzle, the single won’t reach the French top 100 singles due once again to a lack of promotion by the label.

In August 2014, a “Remixed Album” is announced. “Extended: The Remix Album” comes out on October 1st, anticipated by the single “Don't Fucking Kill My Beat Bitch!”, proposed in an EP including remixes of the DJs New Puzzle, Tippleland, MasterMataz, Digitaliks and Greg Palumbo, chosen on a competition organized through the famous English platform “Remix Comps”.

“Extended: The Remix Album” proposes 14 remixes, which 12 were previously published on maxi-CD singles. Two new remixes are added: “Talk Shit About Me (New Puzzle Remix)” and the unreleased track “Say It”, proposed in a remixed version by New Puzzle for the compilation.

Nyls annouces in March 2015 a new single. "Phoenix" is released on April and will become a massive success across Europe, chiefly thanks to the Sharks in Venice radio remix.

"The World's Beating Tour", Nyls' first European tour has started on July 28th in Italy, and will stop this autumn in France and this winter in Germany.

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