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  1. Pauke Schaumburg - Arsen (Original Mix)
  2. Pauke Schaumburg - Shade (Original Mix)
  3. Pauke Schaumburg - Selenium (Original Mix)
  4. Pauke Schaumburg - Selenium (Beatless Version)

The 4th YES WE CAN is a 4-tracker of the german duo Pauke Schaumburg, who delivered a very interesting melodic Techno EP.
„Shade" comes with bright strings and a phat old school lead that’s going more and more emotional to the end.
With „Arsen" they made a electro touched melodic Techno beast with driving percussions and stompy beats.
„Selenium" is a softer touched tech house track with cineastic strings and an evolving synth, which ends with a loud bang.
A typical YES WE CAN release always contains a beatless track. This time it is an edit of the duos „Selenium".


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