Back in 2012, before we officially created The Opus Science Collective, we made two pieces of music for a start-up video games developer called Evoke Method. A small, Australian company developing games for release on Android, the App Store and Steam.

AlieNation was a Strategy/Puzzle game in which the player had to, with very limited ammunition, destroy a variety of structures and buildings erected by alien invaders who had taken over Earth (or something along those lines). It made use some nice gravity and inertia programming as you had to shoot/bomb buildings in such a way that they'd fall onto one another, knocking neighbouring buildings down, like dominoes (as you didn't have enough ammunition to simply blow them all up individually).

There were two level themes to the game, a desert world theme and an ice world theme. This track is the Ice World Theme.

Unfortunately Evoke Method are not currently operational, and their website is offline, however their game AlieNation is still available to download for free from Google Play and the App store.

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