The Story

Fog covers the calm sea. For days no wind. The situation seems to be hopeless. Finally the wind chases away the clouds and the ship picks up speed. The impressive three-master shines in the glow of the sun.

The mood increases. The crew celebrates the good weather with plenty of rum. The ropes vibrate in the wind and it sounds like the singing of mermaids. The tune and the rum makes them tired and sleep overpowered them and they do not notice the strange eerie atmosphere.

Dark clouds appear on the horizon and light up red as blood in the sunset. A thunderstorm is coming up. Heavy squalls tear at the sails. The ship dances on the huge waves. A lightning hits the mainmast. The fire spreads quickly on board. The crew noticed the tragedy too late and is fighting in vain against the forces of nature. It’s to late, the sea devours the proud ship and its crew forever.

    Soundtrack, Electronic Rock, Rock, Alternative Rock, Instrumental Rock
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