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BreitBand Records Artist
Deep In Sense (Founder)
Stereo Tube Records Artist
Tanzhaus West / Frankfurt
Ruhr in Love 2012
Vinylbar / Frankfurt
Che Guebara / Leverkusen
Artheater / Köln
Ebony Club / Heidelberg
Bar99 / Frankfurt
Zabou Club & Backstage / Alsfeld
Sojus 7 / Leverkusen-Monheim
Sittich Recordings / Label Founder & Resident - Artist
DPMR Radio ( Foun2er )
Radio Radar DJ-Zone / Darmstadt
ShoutedFM / Resident DJ & Team Manager
Radio Rüsselsheim
Schall & Rauch Xperience / Resident
Sound Of Techno
German Technothon

About Oliver Loew

Once upon a time 43 years ago, when the mysterious Gods and Ghosts of the electronic fragments of Sound determined to give me the Secret and a huge dose of minimal, blubb elixir.

In the age of 4 when my old man once again played Yellow or Kraftwerk through our native Boxes, I noted the elixir and got tireless tremor attacks.
But because of the “Blubb” first had to run riot through the electronic stocks I made a musical journey which began 1984 in the Acid House – New Beat Stock and got beyond EBM, Gothic to the present Electro Minimal Movement. Yes and what should I say more as that I love to play fucking long sets, the longer, the better and I am the only one who psychedelically claims the human brain so far as you forget Space and time through my sound.

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