The first and last excepted, every tracks are from the 60's & 70's.
This set features 3 huge live performances : Rattlesnake Shake, Any Colour You Like, Dazed And Confused.

As introduction to this special session, the first track is made by myself (guitar) and my brother (bass), this is an improvisation and there is a few mistakes, actually, we were simply enjoying the moment; feel free to let me know your thought about it!

00:00 - The Deep Dub Soul Jam - OldJack
09:03 - What Is Soul - Funkadelic
16:42 - L.A Woman - The Doors
24:24 - Rattlesnake Shake (Live) - Fleetwood Mac
49:02 - Any Colour You Like (Live) - Pink Floyd
57:13 - East West - Paul Butterfield Blues Band
1:10:22 - Dazed And Confused (Live) - Led Zeppelin
1:39:38 - The Gunner's Dream - Pink Floyd

    Psychedelic, Experimental, Sixties, Seventies, Blues Rock
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