Volunteers from Ohwęjagehka: Haˀdegae:nage: have been involved with community radio (Six Nation's CKRZ 100.3 FM) for a number of years. Starting back in the year 2000, we got the idea of sharing a "Radio Style" show. The purpose of these presentations is to promote the music of Indigenous people. Focussing on both traditional and contemporary musical genres, with a focus on Iroquois Social Dance music.


  • Six Nations Women Singers - Dawn Song (Lead: Sadie Buck)
  • Bear Fox - Broken (Residential Schooling)
  • Buffy St Marie - The Big Ones Get Away
  • Susan Aglukark - One Turn Deserves Another
  • Christine Anu - Island Home
  • Tudjaat - Kajusita (My Ship Comes In)
  • Flora Wallace - Grandmother Song
  • Jennifer Kreisberg - Myma - Deer Song
  • Shin vanEvery - Lily Hoskins
  • Crystal Shawanada - Dawn Of A New Day
  • Jamie Coon - Day after Day
  • Tracy Bone - Woman of Red
  • Thelma Plum - Young In Love
  • Fawn Wood - Mommy's Little Guy
  • Delia Waskewitch - Hand Drum
  • Walela - Cherokee Morning Song
  • Hosted by: Kyle Martin • Posted November 8, 2015 • Time: 59:05
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