• Tiddas - "Ininay" from album "Songs about Life"
  • Northern Cree - Let s 49 from album "Round Dance Jam" (Canyon)
  • Tonawanda Singers - Mocassin Dance from album "Tonawanda Singers - Iroquois Social Dance - Volume One" (Ohwejagehka Hadegaenage )
  • Pura Fe - Find The Cost Of Freedom from album "Caution to the Wind"
  • Cam Hill - Smoke Dance from album "Cam Hill + Ed Thomas - Iroquois Social Dances - Volume One" (Ohwejagehka Hadegaenage )
  • Old Mush Singers - Rabbit Dance from album "Volume One"
  • Jay Begaye & Everitt White - Roller Coaster from album "The Long Walk: Hweeldi" (Canyon)
  • TruRez Crew - I m A Lucky One from album "Ain't No Turning Back" (Trurez Productions)
  • Bill Crouse - Smoke Dance from album "Allegany River Indian Singers - Smoke Dance " Iroquois Social Dance " Native American Flute" (Ohwejagehka Hadegaenage )
  • Midnite Express - Lifting Up Song
  • Archie Roach - "A Child Was Born Here" from album "Looking for a Butter Boy" (Mushroom Records)
  • Hubert 'Chief' Cusick - Delaware Skin Dance (Ohwejagehka Hadegaenage )

Hosted by: Ben Hill • Posted June 6, 2003

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    Native American, Indigenous, First Nations
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