Asian forces combine for release 24 on Promind Recordings with Odonbat & Orgil making an impressive debut with the rapturous ''Random Feelings''. With more than intensity to drive a tank through a mine field and a top line that will leave you punching the air the duo have conjured up a pure cutting edge number that should please all! The first remix comes from Hanski who takes things a little techy, with a mix full of twist and turns. ''Random Feelings'' is about as driving and pure as they come with blistering beats, smooth driving undertones and above all an unforgettable top line that is crafted perfectly for maximum dancefloor destruction! The second remix is from ''Alter Future '',breakdown is lit up by a clever stuff and the insatiable top line ! Don't miss this one! On the flip Alter Future hits a home run with a superb big room mix, using the melodic prints to perfection! Captivating sounds from this rising star!

  1. Odonbat & Orgil - Random Feelings (Original Mix)
  2. Odonbat & Orgil - Random Feelings (Hanski Remix)
  3. Odonbat & Orgil - Random Feelings (Alter Future Remix)

Release Date: Oct 6th 2014

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