Profile description of Obra Primitiva:

Obra-produccion total, completa (Esp). A complete WORK of art, music, production and/or construction. A distinguished selfless deed. This is Obra in his totality.
This self-taught musician, media artist and writer exploded into the international club scene as a DJ in early 2000. Obra's presence was felt in the underground circuit parties in Cali, Colombia (Mistika, Club Oz) and Puerto Rico (Eros). In the US, Obra's powerful sound has been felt on the Dance Floors of Miami, San Diego, New Orleans and his hometown of New York City. Obra has further reached the masses by launching the Official Obra Primitiva Tribal Session Podcast and a bi-monthly internet radio show on hearthis, soundcloud, mixcloud and his high ranking casts in the Tribal house category streamed on Podomatic.
In the club scene, Obra showcased his beat rich sets twice a month at the FREAK Party Thursdays, HOTMALE Fridays and Saturday Evening Xtreme (S.E.X) hosted at the legendary G Lounge in New York City, Splash Superclub NYC's F-Word Party on Fridays, Bartini Ultra-Lounge thursdays SCORE Party and Sky High at Hudson Terrace on Sundays as well as CLICK Fridays at the superclub XL and BPM NYC. In 2013 Obra brought his sound to the MATINEE PRIDE Event along side a roster of top ranked international DJs. In 2014 San Diego Pride Closed out an amazing celebration with its annual ACTION! Underground Party where Obra brought the house down for the first time on the West Coast. Nationally recognized parties Such as STATION, HAUS of FANTASY and NSA (Cellar Bar) have had the full experience as well.
Presently, in New York City, Obra Primitiva sets the bar high as the pick DJ/Producer to launch epic parties like Ski High and most recently,Eu4ria (Hudson Terrace), Circuit and KINK Evolution (EVO Club Queens NY) and TROY After hours. His dedication to bring a high caliber, unique musical experience has landed him a residency in THE landmark party in New York City presently….BRUT at Santos Party House.
Obra is a highly respected and sought out producer amongst his colleagues. His productions are a microcosm of a hand picked group of talented artist and producers that in the past, present and forever will influence house music and its sub genres, crystal clear evidence of his dedication and passion to the house music experience leading him to create and produce his own unique sound in the tribal/progressive house genre. With deep influences of iconic DJ/Producers like Ralphi Rosario, Danny Tenaglia, Victor Calderone, Hex Hector, Friburn & Urik, and the late yet immortally legendary Club 69's Peter Rauhofer and the Godfather of House Frankie Knuckles. Obra delivers a powerful erotic tribal sound that reflect his influences of House, rich in history, rhythm, explosive latin beats with entrancing yet energetic melodic baselines. Obra's releases have been housed by domestic indie labels (BIG MOUTH Music, Stimulus Recondings, Flava Music, Contraversial, and Luneye Music) as well as international house labels (EPride Music, Renno Records, Dasound).
Obra's music is available on all major house music download purchasing sites (Beatport, DJ Download, Masterbeat, iTunes and Juno) to name a handful.
Obra's talent has made a distinguishable mark in the house music scene all over the world both behind the decks for the dance floor or with his colleagues in the recording studio.....and the crowd keeps wanting more!!!!!
"Create or perish is the eternal mandate of the universe...I chose to create, De mi obra a tu corazon".

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