Techno was born in Detroit and created by 3 black DJ's : Juan Atkins, Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson. Detroit was more influenced by avant-garde and new wave. Stuff like [[Manuel Göttsching legendary E2 E4]http:// Also New wave bands like Devo, funk like Parliament, who used a synth on the first record to climb the pop chart : Flashlight (1979)

When a European journalist asked Derrick May what was techno he said : ''Like George Clinton and Kraftwerk would be stuck in an elevator, a complete mistake''.

Detroit was more influenced by European chic galore and records like Sharevari : Early 80s electro/disco group from Detroit, MI, USA. A Number Of Names' "Sharevari" is one of those classic dance records that ends up on everyone's list eventually, yet is frustratingly tough to find on OG press. Originally recorded back in 1981 at the crossroads of disco, new wave, house, and techno - the track fused lo-fi drums, sinister synths, and raw vocals to create a unique and freaky vibe unlike anything else at the time. As the story goes, "Sharevari" is a song about the stylish, forward-thinking Detroit club scene, specifically a club called Charivari (named after a New York clothing store), that laid the groundwork for the techno revolution to come.

  1. Detroit escalator co. – Gathering memo
  2. Detroit escalator co. – Force
  3. Detroit escalator co. – Scram
  4. Unknown
  5. 69 – Microlovr
  6. Claude Young – Gates of the afterlife
  7. Claude Young – Carma
  8. Detroit escalator co. – Tai chi & traffic lights
  9. Psyche – Elements
  10. Claude Young – Hawking radiation
  11. Model 500 – Milky way
  12. Bango aka Stacey Pullen – Mystical adventures (Mystic mix)
  13. Psyche/BFC – Galaxy
  14. Carl Craig – Wonderful life
  15. Claude Young – Observing the kuiper belt
  16. Claude Young – Exodus Earth
  17. Psyche/BFC – Sleep
  18. Detroit escalator co. – The inverted man
  19. Galaxy 2 Galaxy – Big stone lake
  20. Derrick May – True rebels
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    Ambient, Detroit techno, Electro, Ambient, Electronica
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • 87 bpm
    • Key: Gm
    • undefined, Canada
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