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]()CymAddicts & Cymatics? What's the difference? Cymatics from the Greek "κῦμα" meaning "wave", is the study of visible sound vibrations, a subset of modal phenomena. In the realm of science and engineering, Cymatics is used to describe the periodic effects that sound and vibration have on matter. The scientific applications of Cymatics is to produce this phenomenon using sound vibrational frequencies to create standing wave patterns in solid matter(non-newtonian fluids)i.e. cornstarch and water goo. To further our understanding of the different aspects that make up our natural world, from sound to vibration to frequencies and even matter itself. Here is a link to a video that might help the nescient get the "picture" of what "Cymatics" in action looks like.( However, Cymaddicts definement comes from the beautifully complex, and strangely enigmatic minds. The Cymaddicts are the same yet a little different. We create standing wave patterns in people. :) The Cymaddicts: We are "Addicts" of sound and music. The Cyamddicts: Emanations of Thought-Forms catalyzed by endo-cannabic triggers, coalescing into eatheric-chemical unions from first order kinetic introspections. Initiating catalytic spontaneous sacred alchemic union's into the pineal lens through holonomic convergences of harmonically manifested sound vibrational frequencies. Ancient future's manifested into present form in the human hologram, writing our destinies into the stars and heavens above, below, and inside. Creating standing wave patterns in solid matter is what The Cymaddicts do baby! Though not in the traditional sense. :) The embodiment of this is what we do. Cymaddicts beam hyper-particles of super charged harmonic vibrations triangulated for the 3rd eye vector. Authentic originality. The Cymaddicts genre definement is precariously a fickle endeavor. We do music not genre's. The CymAddicts are a "Live" performance act, that includes but is not limited to, Live Midi Stage performances on drums, keys, turntables, other instruments, Mc'ing, and Visuals. For booking or questions email SETM Y. C. @ Thank you.

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