My take on Craze's Routine. All "Live" one-shot samples, and one-shot finger drum samples. This is the pinnacle of my Skillz currently. No Loops or quantize or post-editing as usual. Everything is played in real-time, no mulligans on this course. No handi-caps. All "Live" drums in these pieces. No drum loops ever. I pick artist that inspire me. I hope Dj Craze would like this if he heard it. I think so. And to clarify, I DID not play using my "dick" in this one. I'm so busy actually doing something, there is little time to circle jerk or fist pump. Heart handz are out of the question for me because I'm busy doing shit. Remember kidz, heart hands Don't dj!!! Guetta i'm looking in your direction. 51 Degrees 51 Minutes 51 Seconds

    Electronica, Hip Hop, controllerism, Midi Fighters
    • Version: 1
    • Type: Live
    • 80 bpm
    • © Creative Commons: Attribution, Noncommercial
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