Written & produced by J. Billaud
Mastering by Musicmastering.nl
Design by Second.Eye.Design
Marketed by Noisj

Earlier in 2014 NOISJ/Red Fever regular Desolation raised expectations high with a well-received EP on Traumatic, now it’s time for the debut full length album. And “Darkness is where I shine” proves it’s about time for it! 14 tracks (+1 bonus track) exploring different musical directions, yet taking the listener on a distinct journey – into darkness.

The album starts with double doom, the opener “Obscurity Slavery” featuring not only crushing doomcore beats, but also doom vocals (as in metal, that is). Here Desolation clearly follows the take at the genre he has pursued on aforementioned EP, and surprises us with a beatless experimental tune even along the way (“Lost In Space”).
The title track is the first of more uptempo tracks with the dance floor firmly in focus, combining stiff beats with angelic choirs. Other tracks then choose a more reduced, immediate approach (“Double D”, “Let’s Kik!”). Then, Desolation attempts a combination of genres – successfully merging the doom sound with crossbreed structures. A fusion of fusion genres? But there’s no way you will find the amen breaks out place in “Delerium Tremens” or would dismiss the massive dark step of “Sick” or “Choice”, where every sample is just on spot! Towards the end of the album, we then enter the realm of distortion, with “Robot Make Noizy Music” being a fine industrial finale for an album to dream of… for those who are not afraid of the nightmarish ones!

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