Mixcloud: mixcloud.com/NocV/dreamcore-vol2
Mediafire: mediafire.com/?uo55301urjr0fkh

Since my previous mix seemed to get a pretty good response, i figured i might start doing monthly mixes and ... 'brand' them... i guess... So yeah, I'll be releasing a mix a month, mostly with music that i enjoy plus a few tracks that i come up with.

I understand that some of the music i mix is fairly old and people have heard it before a thousand times. I mix these tracks in because i love them, in later mixes I'll probably go for newer and less heard tracks.


  1. The Medic Droid - Fer Sure (S3RL Remix) (00:00)
  2. Hoodzie Vs Himbo - Guiding Light (X-Cyte Remix) (05:07)
  3. Ham & DMO - Every Single Day (10:25)
  4. Joey Riot vs Obie - I Require Filth (16:02)
  5. Starstruck ft S3RL - Loving U (20:31)
  6. Deadfunk & Recur - Not Gonna Get Us (26:04)
  7. Cascada - What Hurts The Most (Al Storm Remix) (30:44)
  8. Startruck & Lumin8 ft. Himbo - Like A Star (The Archtype Remix) (35:02)
  9. Karaoke Pirates - Baby Baby (S3RL Remix) (39:36)
  10. Blood on the Dance Floor - Lovestruck (Noc.V Remix) (44:54)
  11. Jakazid - Serotonin (48:23)
  12. LOL - Love Leaves No Scars (Hixxy Remix) (53:56)
  13. Noc.V - The 18th Angel (58:20)
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