Recorded live at the Basics party in San Francisco. This is tape 3 of 3 DAT tapes. From the Lee Fogel tape archives.

*Due to the amount of tapes that we process each day, we are not able to listen to the full digitized mixes. This recording was taken from a DAT tape. Older DAT tapes are known to have digital errors. If you hear any digital skipping in the mix, please let us know the running time(s) where the skip(s) occurs, so that we can fix the file. Thank you!

    8:20   New Grooves II - 2 A.M.
    33:20   The Daou - Surrender Yourself (Ballroom Revisited)
    1:49:00   DJ Mink - Hey! Hey! Can U Relate?
    2:14:00   Eagles Prey - Tonto's Drum

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