We are excited to share a new track from @Nextwon. "Diary Of A Madman" is the first track we are releasing off of his forthcoming album "Ghosts". This LP will consist of beats that the Chicago, Illinois native has created for various emcees over the years. The majority of beats were never used, with the exception of a few including "Exhaust", on which he collaborated with his late friend Fluent The Lion. Nextwon explained his choice of album title...

"All the beats were made for different emcees that I've worked with over the years, but all the artists have gone and all that's left are the beats. Hence the name Ghosts."

We invite you to take some time out to press play and immerse yourself in some quality instrumental Hip Hop. Please note that Ghosts will be officially released on February 24th and it will be available as a name your price release on Bandcamp. Meaning you'll be able to enter zero and get a free download if you wish.

If you'd like to support and pre-order in the meantime though, that'd be much appreciated. You can pre-order from Bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play or Amazon via the link below....


    Hip Hop, Instrumental, Beats
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