In 1987 at age of 15 I discovered my first record from an artist called Westbam. He inspired me to deejay for myself.

While I wasn´t lucky always with his work over the years he was still kind of a mentor for me.

I loved the really early works and now after some years and a bit I´m in love again with his recent works since 2013.

So I decided to make a contribute mix.

It came out, that it´s kind of a summary and essence of a club night. Except of the harder bits and pieces and rather drugless.

I used only stuff from his last 3 releases, with one exception which was the reason for the name of the mix. Most tracks are very short. This lead me into some serious stressy situations, which I fixed with loops and Dub versions of some tracks.

This is not my usual workflow, but I had fun and I´m pleased with the mix, so I decided to share it with you.

A whole mix just with tracks from one artist may sound not very thrilling, but it sounds more diverse you would expect it.

Love it, or skip it.

  1. Westbam - A night to remember feat. Hugh Cornwell (The Stranglers)
  2. Westbam - Rebel Dub
  3. Westbam - Götterdub
  4. Westbam - Du schneidest mein Herz auf feat. Ben Becker
  5. Westbam - Butterflies in your Eyes
  6. Westbam - Rain & Sun feat. Finley Quaye
  7. Westbam - We feel love feat. Africa Bambataa
  8. Westbam - Different Country
  9. Westbam - Kick it like a Sensei feat. Lil Wayne
  10. Westbam - Iron Dub
  11. Westbam - Iron Music feat. Iggy Pop
  12. Westbam - Butterflies in your Eyes
  13. Westbam - White Boy feat. After life 3000 (Percy Tech Remix)
  14. Westbam - Goldelse is burning (Album Dub Mix)
  15. Westbam - Sky is the Limit feat. The Beloved
  16. Westbam - Wasteland feat. Inga Humpe
  17. Westbam - You need the drugs feat. Richard Butler (&me Remix)
  18. Westbam - You need the drugs feat. Richard Butler
  19. Westbam - Götterstraße feat. Inga Humpe
  20. Westbam - We could be you feat. Yasha
  21. Westbam - Time marches on feat. Henning Wehland (H-Blockx)
  22. Westbam - No crap feat. Beccy Boo
  23. Westbam - Solid Dub
  24. Westbam - Solid Sound feat. Andrew Tyler
  25. Westbam - Dub it like a Sensei
  26. Marteria - Paradise Delay
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    • 130 bpm
    • Key: Gm
    • Hamburg, Germany
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