This is what happens when your grounded by world craziness reasons for 3 weeks and you have toyz to keep you busy .. these are some originals and remixes .. 2 were done in 2015, Trinity and Around The World .. All were done on Roland TR-8, TB-3, MX-1 - Novation Mini Nova - Traktor Kontrol S-2 and Traktor Pro .. raw recordings, in other words not mastered .. tracklist .. 1 Roll With It - Neo (Original) 2 Tour De Booom - Neo (5 Layer Mix Original) 3 Trinity - Neo (Tribute Mix 2015 Original) 4 Bounce Me - Neo (Original) 5 Latch - Neo (Disclosure/Sam Smith Acapella over TR-8, TB-3) 6 Around The World - Daft Punk - (Kyle Cross 2013 Remix - Neo 2015 TR-8 Redrum) For entertainment purposes only no rights or ownership is claimed on remixes by me .. only claim ownership on originals

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