NCRA Audio Submission Form
Last Updated Jan 2016

Name of project/grant: RVF 2017

Name of producing station: CJAI

Name of producer: Eric Tremblay

Contact information of producer or station coordinator:

Short bio of producer (1 paragraph, 250 max words): Eric Tremblay has been volunteering at Amherst Island Radio CJAI 92.1 FM for 6 years. He hosts the popular all-request Friday evening slot 7-10pm.

1-2 Sentence description of the show: Challenges of English speaking parents sending their children to French language schools in Eastern Ontario.

Longer description of show/content (500 word max, to go on website -please provide shortened detail on each information update or audio capsule):

In the the area of Loyalist Township and Kingston, Ontario, increasingly, families with English as their mother tongue are choosing to send their children to French first language schools. In this episode we will meet two anglophone women who each have children in French-first language schools in the area. These French first language schools conduct all their daily functions in French. The language of instruction is French, the extracurriculars are in French and the kids are required to speak French during reassess. Our frank conversations will explore the challenges faced by English-speaking parents including helping with French-language homework, communicating with French-language school teachers and staff, communicating with the French-language transportation service, and contributing to French-language co-curricular activities, all from the perspective of an English community.

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Length of audio: 28 minutes

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