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    Soulful Monday Bytes Vol. 6

    Soulful Monday Bytes Vol. 6 by Dj Le Baron
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Soulful Monday Bytes by Dj Le Baron, enjoy my new Radioshow
Mondays, 9PM CET on Housestation Radio (www.housestationradio.com)

Together (Original Mix) Thomchris
Mr Brian Power Presents Have You Ever Rebecca Scales
Mindbuster (Main Mix) The Miami Collective, Jocelyn Brown & Oliver Cheatham
Move On (Reelsoul Remix) Thomas Blondet, Michelle Rivera
Searching (Club Mix) Cafe 432, Sheree Hicks
Missing You (Original Mix) Will Dawson, Shniece Missing You
Don't Give Up (Main Vocal Mix) DJ Le Baron, Gianina Don't Give Up
Home Julie McKnight (Marc Tasio Edit)
It Can Be (West Mix)Sean McCabe, Mr. V
Hey Love (Dj Le Baron Mashup)Michele Chiavarini & Dennis Ferrer
Trying Hard (Mannix House Anthem Remix)Steven Stone, Darryl D'Bonneau
Lola's Theme Recut (Dr Packer Remix)The Shapeshifters, Dr Packer
Sunshine Day (Gianni Bini Maschined Remix)Dj Nejo, Gianni Bini Sunshine Day
Made You Go Paul Rudder, Hurlee
Inside Your Soul (Original Mix) Mike Millrain
Down To The Top (Mike Millrain Remix)CEV's, Mike Millrain
What You Say? Marc Cotterell
Don't Give Up (Dub Vox Mix) DJ Le Baron, Gianina
Changes (Angelo Ferreri Remix)Woody Bianchi & Re-Tide
Ready For Your Love (Original) Husky, Kadija Kamara
Musics Hypnotizing (Original Mix)Mr Rich, Thomas Graham
2000 Freaks (Original Mix)Tom Garnett

    0:00   ThomChris - Together
    5:00   Mr. Brian Power - Have You Ever
    10:20   Oliver Cheatham - Mindbuster
    16:00   Thomas Blondet - Move On - Reelsoul Instrumental Remix
    22:40   Sheree Hicks - Searching
    26:40   Cafe 432 & Sheree Hicks - Searching - Club Mix
    28:20   Will Dawson - Missing You
    41:20   JULIE MCKNIGHT - Home (Acapella)
    45:00   Mr. V - It Can Be
    54:00   Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey - DF's Attention Vocal Mix
    54:40   Lee Wilson - No More Love (Part 1)
    59:20   Steven Stone - Trying Hard
    1:05:20   The Shapeshifters - Lola's Theme Recut
    1:15:00   Paul Rudder, Hurlee - Made You Go
    1:22:40   Mike Millrain - Inside Your Soul - Original Mix
    1:23:20   Mike Millrain - Inside Your Soul
    1:25:40   CEV's - Down To The Top
    1:37:40   DJ Le Baron - Don't Give Up
    1:39:40   DJ Le Baron - Don't Give Up (feat. Gianina) (Dub Vox Mix)
    1:41:40   Woody Bianchi - Changes
    1:45:20   Husky - Ready For Your Love
    1:48:20   Husky feat. Kadija Kamara - Ready For Your Love
    1:54:20   Mr Rich & Thomas Graham - Musics Hypnotizing - Original Mix
    1:55:00   Thomas Graham - Musics Hypnotizing
    1:55:40   Tom Garnett - 2000 Freaks
    1:58:20   Tom Garnett - 2000 Freaks (Original Mix)

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