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    The Shabba Ranks Project - A Mi Named Shabba - Mr. Loverman

    The Shabba Ranks Project - A Mi Named Shabba - Mr. Loverman by BDiamondMusik
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Welcome to a “Very Very Very” special reggae experience with yours truly Black Diamond. Now, when it comes to MY reggae and dancehall music I have my favorites trust and believe that. When it comes to loverz rock give me my Gregory Issacs, Foundation give me my Dennis Brown and the great Bob Marley first. Now, when it comes to my dancehall I’m biased and it begins with the Emperor Ground, the lyricist, the movement, the entertainer, the professional, the gallist, the one and only Superior Studio Technician SHABBA RANKS….FIYAH FI DEM!!!!!!

When it comes to dancehall legends names like Josey Wales, Admiral Bailey, Yellowman, Supercat, Buju, Ninjaman, Beenie Man, Capelton and Sean Paul quickly come to mind. But, when it comes to the “Don” and foundation of them all they pay homage to Shabba Ranks. Rexton Rawlston Fernando Gordon aka Shabba Ranks has to go down as one of the pioneer forefathers of Dancehall music. The protégé of Josey Wales has to go down as one of the most successful and influencial dancehall artists of all time.

To much scrutiny Shabba was one of the first dancehall dj’s to fuse reggae with rap and soul music when it wasn’t popular to do so. Because of his brashness he was exiled for years from his native Jamaica for his out of the box thinking. I’m of the mindset that what Bob Marley was to reggae, Shabba was, and is, to dancehall music…..love or hate him. Shabba was not just a dancehall DJ, he was a movement.

So, that said, I bring to you MY favorite dancehall dj of all time the “Emperor Ground” aka Mister Hits For Ages” aka “Mr. Love Punnany Bad” aka “Mr. Caaan Dunn” aka “Mr Trailer Load a Gurls”. Shabba thank you for being my dancehall daddy and I hope you guys love my musical experience into the World of the Punnany Man…Shabba Ranks. IT’S A SHABBA TING…. FIYAH FI DEM…NOBODY DOES IT LIKE SHABBA. CHUUUUUUUNEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

    0:40   Shabba Ranks - Can't Drop Off A Shape
    7:40   Shabba Ranks - Live Blanket
    10:40   Shabba Ranks - Love Punany Bad
    14:00   Shabba Ranks - Woman Mi Run Down
    17:00   Shabba Ranks - Peeny Peeny
    20:40   Shabba Ranks - Mi Nuh Ramp With It (Album Version)
    24:20   Shabba Ranks - Uno Fi Move
    27:40   Shabba Ranks - Man Pon Consignment
    31:00   Shabba Ranks - Where Does Slackness Come From (Album Version)
    34:40   Home T / Cocoa T / Shabba Ranks - A Nuh Me Seh So
    39:00   Shabba Ranks - Pretty Please
    45:20   Shabba Ranks - No Bother Dis (Soundboy)
    50:20   Shabba Ranks - Must Love Reggae
    54:00   Shabba Ranks - Fresh
    57:00   Shabba Ranks - Have Fi Get A Man
    1:03:40   Shabba Ranks - Another One Program (Album Version)
    1:07:20   Shabba Ranks - A Mi Di Girls Dem Love (Album Version)
    1:10:40   Shabba Ranks - Bet Buss
    1:13:40   Shabba Ranks - Mauma Man
    1:17:00   Cocoa T, Home T, & Shabba Ranks - Who She Love
    1:20:20   Shabba Ranks - Kill Me Dead
    1:27:40   Shabba Ranks - Get Up Stand Up And Rock
    1:34:40   Screechy Dan - We Are Don
    1:35:20   Shabba Ranks - Roots & Culture
    1:40:00   Admiral Tibet, Shabba Ranks & Ninjaman - Serious Time
    1:43:40   Shabba Ranks - Back And Belly Rock
    1:50:20   Shabba Ranks - Fattie Fattie (featuring Leroy Sibbles) (Album Version)
    1:54:20   Shabba Ranks - Roots & Culture (Album Version)
    1:59:00   Shabba Ranks - Housecall (Your Body Can't Lie to Me)
    2:04:00   Shabba Ranks - Slow And Sexy (Album Version)
    2:08:00   Shabba Ranks - Let's Get It On (Album Version)
    2:14:00   Shabba Ranks - Family Affair (Rap Version)
    2:19:00   Shabba Ranks - Ice Cream Love (Album Version)
    2:23:00   Shabba Ranks - Rough Life (Album Version)
    2:30:20   Shabba Ranks - Muscle Grip (Album Version)
    2:40:20   J.C. Lodge - Selfish Love (12" Mix)
    2:50:40   Shabba Ranks - Telephone Love [Deh Pon Mi Mind]
    2:55:20   Shabba Ranks - Don't Test Me
    3:01:00   Shabba Ranks - Action Packed
    3:06:20   Shabba Ranks - Wicked Inna Bed
    3:10:00   Home T/Cocoa Tea/Shabba Ranks - Your Body's Here With Me
    3:13:20   Shabba Ranks - Holding On (feat. Home T & Cocoa T)
    3:17:20   Shabba Ranks & Krystal - Steady Man
    3:24:40   Shabba Ranks - Gal Yuh Good
    3:29:00   Shabba Ranks - Gal Yuh Good (Album Version)
    3:32:20   Shabba Ranks - Gone Up (Album Version)
    3:36:00   Shabba Ranks - Twice My Age
    3:43:20   Shabba Ranks - Cool It Off
    3:46:40   Shabba Ranks - Pay Down Pon It
    3:52:40   Shabba Ranks - Are You Sure
    3:56:00   Shabba Ranks - Bedroom Bully (Album Version)
    3:59:40   Shabba Ranks - Dem Bow
    4:03:20   Shabba Ranks - Original Woman (Album Version)
    4:07:00   Shabba Ranks - Trailer Load A Girls
    4:10:20   Shabba Ranks - Ting-A-Ling
    4:14:00   Shabba Ranks - Ca'an Dun (Album Version)
    4:18:20   Strictly The Best - Girls Wine
    4:22:20   Home T / Cocoa T / Shabba Ranks - Lovable
    4:25:20   Shabba Ranks - Wicked In Bed - Part Two
    4:29:00   Lady Saw - Want It Tonight
    4:32:40   Shabba Ranks - Woodtop (Album Version)
    4:36:20   Shabba Ranks - Mr. Tek It Back
    4:39:20   Shabba Ranks - Give Dem Di Shabba
    4:42:40   Shabba Ranks - Bad Wuk
    4:47:00   Shabba Ranks - More Pon More
    4:53:40   Shabba Ranks (feat. Etc.) - Golden Touch
    4:57:40   Cocoa Tea/ S. Ranks - Love Me Truly
    5:04:40   Shabba Ranks - Ambi Get Scarce (Album Version)
    5:10:00   Shabba Ranks - Never Hungry Yet
    5:13:40   Shabba Ranks - Will Power (Album Version)
    5:17:00   Shabba Ranks - Private Property
    5:22:20   Shabba Ranks - Gun Pon Me (Album Version)
    5:26:00   Shabba Ranks - Born As A Don
    5:29:20   Shabba Ranks - Best Baby Father
    5:32:40   Shabba Ranks - If A My Youth
    5:37:40   Shabba Ranks - Pirate's Anthem
    5:43:20   Home T.\\cocoa Tea\\shabba Ranks - Turn It Down
    5:48:40   Shabba Ranks - Mr. Loverman
    5:50:20   Shabba Ranks - Mr. Lover Man (feat. Deborahe Glasgow)
    5:52:40   Shabba Ranks/ Deborahe Glagow - Fanciness
    6:00:20   Shabba Ranks - Mandela Free
    6:03:40   Dennis Brown - Fever
    6:06:40   Shabba Ranks feat. Maxi Priest, Dennis Brown - Fever
    6:07:20   Shabba Ranks - Just Be Good To Me
    6:22:40   Shabba Ranks & Carlton Livingston - Don't Follow Rumours
    6:26:20   Shaba Rankin - Care For Me
    6:32:20   Shabba Ranks - Heart Of A Lion
    6:36:20   Shabba Ranks featuring Mykal Rose - Shine Eye Gal
    6:40:00   Shabba Ranks - Bad & Wicked (Album Version)

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