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I got started playing music first just by plinking around with my dad's instruments, then playing clarinet for 4 years in school band. In high school I started getting into punk and metal, and also electronic music, and playing bass guitar.

Then my buddy gave me a copy of Impulse Tracker, which was my first forays into electronic music creation.

Got serious about learning to make electronic music in 2004 when I discovered Renoise, which has the familiar-to-me tracker layout but runs software synths and effects and renders full quality. Used Renoise til about 2013 when I got my first hardware, the Microbrute.

I ended up switching to Live around then, which I had been using on the side for several years already for djing my own tracks and live set development. Renoise is great, it just doesn't do interchannel MIDI at all. Finally at the beginning of 2017 I got my first set of monitor speakers (long story about why it took so long...), and as a result my work has begun to sound better with less work involved (unsurprisingly).

I've even managed to fulfill a dream I had back in 04: To be able to play an improvisational live set with hardware that is never the same twice.

I first heard psytrance in the mid 90s thanks (surprisingly) to MTV's late night electronic music show Amp, which also turned me on to DnB and techno and regular trance and all the other nice sounds that I still love. I really got into psytrance when I discovered a psytrance net radio station while working a rather uneventful office job in 2001, then in 04 when I had access to file sharing I started finding psytrance tracks and learning who's who and what's what. Started buying CDs at the end of 05, and got a pair of CDJs in 06, and learned to mix and ended up playing a few parties in Reno here and there.

So the majority of my work tends to be psytrance, but sometimes other stuff happens.

As far as major musical influences, I'd say Philip Glass, Underworld, Terminator/Freaking/etc, Penta, Art of Noise, John Cage, Briain Eno, Iannis Xenakis, Wendy Carlos, David Bowie, and I'm sure several others I'm forgetting.

Diving into the synthesizers, seeing what happens and going from there is a very rewarding experience.

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