The original track has a lot of personal meaning to me, and helped me get through some tough times. I'm happy I gave the remix a shot, to be able to attempt a proper tribute. Lots of gratitude for Assemblage 23.

I wasn't sure the track would translate into a mudpeople track, but I think it came together pretty nicely.

First I converted all the stems into MIDI, extracting with Live's internal conversion, which didn't exactly get the notes down precisely as they were in the original, but I think that gives it a bit of a unique character. Which is how I think a remix should be done.

Almost all the synths I used in this are hardware, including the Minitaur bass and MBase 11 kick. Also prominent are the Microbrute (squishy pitch-modulated main lead, FM from 0-Coast slope generator), Triode (303-esque lines), 0-Coast (distorted drone/brass, turned out I didn't turn off the EHX Holy Stain so the audio has some nice distortion and slight reverb), and Micromonsta (crispy digital lead).

    • 149 bpm
    • Key: Dbm
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