This one has been on my Mixcloud for a while but since they don't allow downloads or something, here it is.

This was recorded at like nearly 12 noon after being awake all night having a blast. Somehow it turned out to be one of the best mixes of any kind I ever did, when I was still playing CDs.

Tracklist is long gone, and I can't even go into the CDs and look because they're all in a crate at my parents' place, 1,000 miles away. I was into a lot of Tribal Vision and Iboga record label output at the time, plus a few others I can't remember. Many of whom have since disappeared. Just guessing, but I think Phony Orphans, Jaia, Roman Rai, Rhian Sheehan Hiding Place (Fiord Rmx) for sure....

Recorded into my old crappy Dell laptop, mixed with 2x Pioneer CDJ100S and a DJM300, with my favorite headphones of all time, that have since died; Ultrasone DJ-1 (may they rest in peace).

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    • 131 bpm
    • Key: Dm
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