BORKA FM has become one of my favorite producers and recently been killing it with epic releases, remixes and epic remixes of his tracks. Here is an hour and a half of some groovy, hypnotic, rolling basslines and wicked beats.
Free Download enabled so download it and listen off of SoundCloud!
BORKA FM - Rudeboy (Stampatron Remix) [Diesel Recordings]
Beats Me - Rock The Cray Doll (BORKA FM Remix) [Diesel Recordings]
BORKA FM - Bad Man (Jiro Remix)
Windom R - Swallow (BORKA FM Remix) [Calligraphy Recordings]
BOKA FM & Deeply Unexpected - 2@35 [Deep Garnet]
BOKRA FM - Dark Matters feat Prato (Mariion Christiian Remix) [Diesel]
BORKA FM - Heaven [RUNE]
BORKA FM - Echoes [RUNE]
Andrey Sirotkin — Flsh.bak (BORKA FM Remix) [RUNE]
BORKA FM - Raindrops [RUNE]
Alt - A - Just for Bass (BORKA FM Remix) [Diesel]
BORKA FM - Sign in the Sky [RUNE]
BORKA FM - Butterflies [Deep Garnet]
BORKA FM - Rudeboy (A-Sekond Remix) [Diesel]
Exodus - Backward (BORKA FM Remix)[RUNE]

    Breakbeat, breaks, BORKA FM, Mariion Christiian, Jiro, A-Sekond, Afterhours, House, Stampatron, Prato, Windom R, Diesel Recordings, Calligraphy Recordings, Beats Me, Alt-A, Deeply Unexpected, T.R.O, Wink Tribute Mix, Bass, Deep Garnet, Rune Recordings
    • 129 bpm
    • Key: Em
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