Steffen Kirchhoff is a musician throughout. At an early age he learned to play the guitar and performed in his school band. Later, he came in contact with electronic music, which led to the first steps in producing his own music on the computer and performing short live sets. During his years at university, he became friends with Christian Löffler and started to develop his unique style of deep techno music.

For Steffen Kirchhoff it is very important that music, regardless of the genre, transmits a certain kind of atmosphere – let it be uplifting, dark or melancholic. He is also very keen on sound aesthetics and likes to experiment with different chords, layers and melodies while creating his own soulful and harmonic productions. Steffen Kirchhoff’s music is rarely intentional. Usually, he draws his inspiration from trying out new sounds in his home studio.

    mottt, Leipzig
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