Profile description of Graeme (Morpheus):

I have always had an varied interest in music since an early age and I believe that sound and the use of particular frequencies, can be used therapeutically, physically vibrating the body, stimulating the mind, and uplifting the soul. The arrangement of these sounds, combined with the transformational power of dance, can take a person on a journey, of which discovery and Emancipation can be the resulting outcome.

At 18, I discovered the emerging electronic dance music scene, followed by an expansive collection of early psychedelic sounds circa 1960-1975. I was introduced to Psy-trance during the late 90's at the Phantasm Label Launch Party in Tyssen Street, London. Prognosis came into fruition as a result of Craig Lee & I as we began working together during the summer of 1997, to create psychedelic soundscapes for the dancefloor. Find out more and listen to our mix archive @

During 1998-99, I took the Prognosis sound on tour, to numerous free party and events around the UK. In 2000, I went to the John Marley Centre in Newcastle, for music technology, sequencing and mastering, which has allowed me to develop my interests and abilities further, as well as working with Kagdila Records - a Californian Psy Trance label, during 2004-5.

2008 saw an end to my involvement with Prognosis in order to spend more time with family, however 2014 saw new beginnings after rebuilding my studio and the opportunity to return to Boom festival in Portugal. This page serves as a platform on which to host some of my more recent experiments, which I hope you enjoy - Namaste !!!

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